VIN Foundation pre-veterinary resource access

We’re here to help pre-veterinary students!

VIN Foundation has FREE resources available to help veterinarians, veterinary students, and pre-veterinary students. While most VIN Foundation resources are publicly available, there are some that require a username and password to access.


VIN Foundation Apply Smarter to Veterinary School Pre-veterinary student eligibility:

  • Applied to veterinary school and received an offer of admission (Congrats!)
  • Applied to veterinary school and awaiting an offer of admission
  • Applying to veterinary school this cycle
  • Belong to your school’s pre-veterinary club or APVMA chapter



Providing pre-veterinary student access is new for VIN Foundation.  We are adapting some procedures we have for veterinary students to help you create a username and password. When you are asked which veterinary school you attend and your graduation year, enter your first choice veterinary school and a guesstimate for your anticipated graduation year.  For example, if you’re applying this cycle for admission to veterinary school in Fall 2022, then enter the school you hope to be admitted to and a graduation year of 2026 if your first choice school has a four-year program.  You can always update that information later if it changes.

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Special Access Resources:


Apply Smarter Message Board


The Apply Smarter Message Board is a helpful forum on VIN (Veterinary Information Network) available with special VIN Foundation access. This access type lets pre-veterinary students discuss applying to veterinary school with veterinarians, veterinary students, and fellow pre-veterinary students in an isolated area of VIN without access to VIN tools, content, or community. Have questions about a certain school? Perhaps you’re pondering the financial side of the process? Or maybe you’re already accepted — congratulations! — and wondering what the next best steps are. You even have the ability to post your questions anonymously in this area! If you already have a VIN membership you may login here, or you may create a free VIN Foundation access account.



Student Debt Message Board


The Student Debt Message Board is a helpful forum for veterinary students or veterinarians looking for help with their veterinary school student loans. This folder’s purpose is to help you (and other VINners) improve your ability to navigate your student loan repayment options.


We are grateful to the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) for technical support and hosting VIN Foundation resources.


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