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We're here to help you

Confidential wellness support for the veterinary profession

If you are in a crisis, we're here to help, but please now:

Call, text or chat 988 for the Suicide & Crisis LIFELINE

24/7 emotional support anywhere in the US

We're here to help veterinary colleagues

Confidential wellness support for the veterinary profession

We're here to help, but if this is an emergency please:

Call, text or chat 988 for the Suicide & Crisis LIFELINE

24/7 emotional support anywhere in the US

How Vets4Vets® Works

Confidential wellness support since 2010.

Step One

Connect with Vets4Vets®

Step Two

Have a one-on-one private session with a veterinarian and trained mental wellness supporter

Step Three

Receive customized peer support and/or referral guidance

Vets4Vets® is free.
As with all VIN Foundation programs, no VIN membership is needed.

Confidential Support

These groups are facilitated by veterinarians and trained support professionals and offer a peer supportive community for veterinary students, veterinarians, and veterinary professionals to share their experiences, receive emotional support, and gain insights on how to navigate difficult situations.

One-on-one peer support with a veterinarian and mental health supporter who has been through the trenches and provides wellness assistance based on individual needs and situations. Together you will work on the best next steps based on your specific situation. In the almost fifteen years Vets4Vets® has been around, supporters have helped with every type of situation, you are not alone.

This weekly self-help group provides a safe space for veterinarians to discuss personal and professional challenges with peers.
These confidential support groups help veterinarians and veterinary professionals who are seeking recovery from any form of substance or behavioral addiction. Vets in Recovery (VIR) is specifically for veterinarians, while Veterinary Professionals in Recovery (VPIR) is open to all veterinary professionals.
Confidential groups for veterinarians and veterinary professionals whose brains function in ways that may be dissimilar to the general population. NeuroDivergent Vets (NDV) is specifically for veterinarians, while NeuroDivergent Veterinary Professionals (NDVP) is open to all veterinary professionals.
Started at the request of multiple colleagues, CancerVets is a confidential support group for veterinarians dealing with any form of cancer diagnosis, in any stage.

Specialist support when your hospital team experiences a traumatic event. Vets4Vets® is here to provide your team with peer-to-peer trauma support through one-on-one conversations, group grief discussions, and additional customized support. This support is for veterinarians and veterinary support team members.

Support4Support was created by the VIN Foundation specifically for the veterinary support team-member. This confidential group is led by VSPN Director Charlotte Waack. VSPN Moderators provide peer-support based upon their own experiences in the veterinary profession, covering a wide range of issues. From shelter and hospital management, to the newest members of a veterinary support team, Support4Support helps with interpersonal challenges, family challenges, compassion fatigue, and more.

Vets4Vets® has access to a deep bench of additional programs and tools to support you from veterinary school through retirement.

Who is Vets4Vets®?

A team of humans from all areas of the veterinary profession, here to help colleagues. Vets4Vets® support team members are experienced, active and retired, veterinarians, and veterinary professionals. Support4Support team members are experienced veterinary technicians and veterinary support staff educators. All team members care about you and all colleagues.

Therapists with years of experience supporting veterinarians and veterinary support staff complete the teams. Vets4Vets® and Support4Support are not replacements for individual or local support. We do not provide mental health diagnosis or treatment. We do understand, and have years of experience helping colleagues overcome the challenges facing you and all veterinary team members. We’re here to help.

What can Vets4Vets® help me with?
What about support staff?
Support4Support was started because a group of veterinarians saw their support staff struggling with similar challenges. Support4Support is a confidential support group for veterinary support staff.


The Vets4Vets® confidential veterinary support group is part of the Thrive in Five Toolkit to help recent veterinary school graduates thrive in their first five years out of school. Learn more about the Thrive in Five Toolkit.

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Filled with helpful information for about the Vets4Vets® confidential support.

Additional Mental Health Resources

The Vets4Vets® team has compiled a list of resources to help those looking for more information about mental health.

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