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Vet School Bound

We’re here to help you apply smarter

VIN Foundation | Supporting veterinarians to cultivate a healthy animal community | Resources | Vet School BoundYou don’t need to do all the groundwork to choose a veterinary school yourself.  Vet School Bound provides pre-veterinary students tips and tools to make the veterinary school application process easier.


Vet School Bound pairs interactive maps with engaging videos to help pre-veterinary students compare up-to-date information on veterinary school costs, class sizes and prerequisites for all U.S., Caribbean, and Canadian veterinary schools.


Vet School Bound helps aspiring colleagues answer these critical questions:


1. What will my veterinary education cost?


2. What prerequisites do I need for veterinary school?


3. What veterinary school class size best fits me?


4. What experience do I need for veterinary school?


5. How can I Apply Smarter to veterinary school?


More tools coming soon!


– This program is helpful if you are: Thinking about being a veterinarian, a veterinary student, a new veterinary graduate, a veterinarian.

– You can support this initiative by selecting Help for Veterinary Students on the GIVE page.


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