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New Graduate Survival Manual

We’re here to help you after graduation

VIN Foundation | Supporting veterinarians to cultivate a healthy animal community | Resources | New Veterinary Graduate Survival Manual

When you walk across that stage at your veterinary school graduation, you are beginning a new life. This is both exciting and a little intimidating.


VIN Foundation | Supporting veterinarians to cultivate a healthy animal community | Resources | New Veterinary Graduate Survival ManualYou are embarking on a life of learning and service to both humanity and its animal wards. At first the responsibility seems daunting, but you have a very good baseline of knowledge and while your practical skills may need honing, you know how to think and how to get answers. Don’t sell yourself short.


New graduates bring several very important things to their first job:


1.  Up-to-date knowledge of the very latest in medicine. The astute practice owner will mine your knowledge; it is vital to a practice to remain up to date medically, and your walk-around knowledge is a convenient source. Often times a new grad will be more adept at technological activities, such as ultrasound and computer operation than the seasoned practitioner.


2.  Enthusiasm. Most new grads have the enthusiasm of those that have worked hard to reach a goal and are ready to enjoy it. They are also keen to learn and try new things. This is a positive attitude than can be contagious to other staff members. This job is supposed to be fun, and a new grad can remind everyone that it really is.


3.  Help! The most important reason to hire you is because they need help to deal with the work they have and they want to grow the practice. Hiring you will enable these things to happen without overloading any single member – not you, the new graduate, and not your new boss.


The New Veterinary Graduate Survival Manual is part of the Thrive in Five Toolkit to help recent veterinary school graduates thrive in their first five years out of school. Learn more about the Thrive in Five Toolkit.


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