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Are you heading for an internship or residency?

Conventional wisdom and reflex in the medical training community often says to defer your loans while pursuing internships and/or residencies. However, income-driven repayment (IDR) is often a much better option for veterinarians with federal student debt pursuing advanced education. The VIN Foundation Climbing Mt. Debt – Interns and Residents webinar and tools are here to help!


Special Update:

Since the Playbook webinar, the Department of Education has extended the forgiveness payment count adjustment deadline for consolidation loans to June 30, 2024. That gives most 2024 graduating veterinarians more time to graduate, consolidate and benefit! Whenever you hear "April 30" in the Playbook, that is now June 30th with the count adjustment scheduled to be applied by September 1, 2024.

1) Class of 2024 Student Loan Playbook Webinar Recording

Watch the webinar recording below of the recent Class of 2024 Student Loan Playbook Webinar webinar from the VIN Foundation in collaboration with the Veterinary Information Network (VIN). In this video Tony Bartels, DVM, MBA and Rebecca Mears, DVM, help you learn how the pandemic forbearance and recent changes may affect how you approach your student loan repayment strategy. We welcome any questions and feedback.

2) Class of 2024 Student Loan Playbook Prezi

Review the Class of 2024 Student Loan Playbook presentation materials including clickable links to the resources referenced in the presentation. Think of this as the “slide deck” you can click through and review at your own leisure as a quick summary of the webinar.

3) Class of 2024 Student Loan Playbook Checklist

All this information can be overwhelming. The Class of 2024 Student Loan Checklist provides a clear outline of steps to help recent veterinary graduate students with determining the best repayment plan for their specific student loan situation. *Stay tuned for the updated 2024 checklist coming soon!

4) Student Debt Message Board

The Student Debt Message Board is a helpful resource for veterinary students or veterinarians looking for help with their veterinary school student loans. This folder’s purpose is to help you (and other VINners) improve your ability to navigate your student loan repayment options. If you do not already have a VIN account, you may sign up for a free special access VIN Foundation account on VIN. This special VIN Foundation access lets veterinarians without a VIN account into an isolated area of VIN without access to VIN tools, content, or community.

5) Veterinary New Grad Student Loan Q&A: CONSOLIDATION

Each year, new veterinary graduates ask excellent questions about why they should consolidate, how to consolidate, and bring various myths and misconceptions for clarification that can complicate the start of student loan repayment. Review some of these thoughtful Questions on Answers on federal student loan consolidation and get your repayment strategy started as soon as your loans allow after graduation!

We’re here to help!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions: VIN Foundation is here to help with understanding your student loans and repayment options now or in the future!
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