One-Time Forgiveness Count Adjustment

Do you need help making sense of the forgiveness count adjustment?

Special one-time student loan forgiveness count adjustment  

First, this is not the same thing or even related to the the special cancellation benefit that is currently on-hold awaiting a ruling by The Supreme Court, likely this June 2023.

The one-time forgiveness count adjustment is a lesser-known, more confusing, yet more widely available special benefit announced in April 2022.  Essentially, anyone with any amount of time in federal student loan repayment, particularly those with ten or more years in repayment will want to know exactly how this benefit can work.  

It makes all repayment time eligible for forgiveness.  You just need to know which loan types you have and whether or not you need to consolidate in order to benefit.  Direct Loan holders automatically benefit and do not need to do anything.  UPDATE: Most Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) holders will need to consolidate before Dec 31, 2023, in order to benefit

Here’s the best way to know if you need to act before the end of 2023 in order to qualify for the count adjustment:

The VIN Foundation Student Debt Center and special Student Debt Message Board areas are available for veterinary students and veterinarians looking for help with their student loans and repayment options. 

1999 DVM may save more than $65,000 in student loan costs
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Got Consolidation Confusion?
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If you have any student loan repayment questions, the best way for you to get answers is to visit the Student Debt Help page.

One-time Forgiveness Count Adjustment Student Loan Repayment Resources:

The helpful three part student loan series Apply Smarter, Borrow Better and Repay Wiser is part of the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center. The VIN Foundation Student Debt Center is a mobile-friendly comprehensive resource helping veterinary students, veterinarians, and those who support them manage student debt through school and beyond. Explore the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center.

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