Climbing Mt. Debt Is Student Loan Repayment Restart

VIN Foundation | Supporting veterinarians to cultivate a healthy animal community | Webinar | Is Student Loan Repayment Restarting | Federal Forbearance extended Aug 31, 2022

Major changes continue for your student loans, we’re here to help!

Another extension to the pandemic student loan forbearance benefits was recently announced. The payment and interest pause for your federally held loans will be in place through August 31, 2022 (at least).


Explore the Federal Student Loan Repayment Pause Extended blog post for accompanying information to this webinar.

1) Climbing Mt. Debt: Student Loan Repayment Restart Webinar Recording

Watch the webinar recording below of the recent webinar from the VIN Foundation in collaboration with the Veterinary Information Network (VIN). In this video Tony Bartels, DVM, MBA covers the recent pandemic forbearance extension, details on income recertification dates, choosing a repayment plan, maximizing the forbearance benefits, and more. We welcome any questions and feedback.


“This webinar has been life changing for me. I cannot thank you enough for summarizing this data. I don’t know how many people I have spoken with from Navient to private banks and this has been the most helpful. Literally crying right now.”


2) Climbing Mt. Debt: Student Loan Repayment Restart Prezi

Review the presentation materials including clickable links to the resources referenced in the presentation. Think of this as the “slide deck” you can click through and review at your own leisure as a quick summary of the webinar.


3) Questions & Answers

Drs Tony Bartels and Rebecca Mears have put together some of the most common Questions & Answers from the webinar, stay tuned for these coming soon!

Climbing Mt. Debt Student Loan Repayment Restart

Do you need personalized help with your student loans?


The VIN Foundation Student Debt Center and special Student Debt Message Board areas are available for veterinary students and veterinarians looking for help with their student loans.


Here’s the best way to get answers to your questions:

  1. Download your student aid data file (TXT) from the Federal Student Aid website. We have a tutorial on how to do that on the VIN Foundation My Student Loans page. 
  2. Login to the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center using your VIN or VIN Foundation username and password. If you don’t have VIN login info, then create a VIN Foundation account to use with the Student Debt Center.
  3. Upload your student aid data file (TXT) into the VIN Foundation My Student Loans tool.  Review your summary information and send your information to the In-School Loan Estimator (veterinary students) or the Student Loan Repayment Simulator (veterinarians).
  4. Complete a Student Debt & Income Signalment Form
  5. Click the Student Debt Message Board link available when you’re logged into the My Student Loans page to create a post of your questions.  Let us know you’ve completed the signalment form in your post. You can choose to post anonymously in the student


We’ll reply with a “physical exam” of your student loans and present some “treatment plans” for you to consider based on your signalment form submission. You’ll receive an email notification from VIN once any reply is made in your student debt message board discussion. 


If you have any questions, please send an email we’re here to help!

*Repay Wiser tip!


If you’re a recent veterinary school graduate, check out the New Graduate Student Loan Playbook for information on your specific Repay Wiser situation. If you’re a 2022 veterinary school grad, keep a lookout for the 2022 New Grad Playbook webinar to help you navigate student loan repayment strategies as you leave veterinary school.

Repay Wiser is part of the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center three part series of helping veterinary colleagues throughout their student loan path. It starts with pre-veterinary students learning how to Apply Smarter to veterinary school, continues for veterinary school students as they learn how to Borrow Better while in school, with the final (and longest) journey along the path helping veterinarians Repay Wiser.


As always the VIN Foundation welcomes questions and feedback on all of the tools and initiatives available.


VIN Foundation | Supporting veterinarians to cultivate a healthy animal community | Resources | Student Debt CenterThe helpful three part student loan series Apply Smarter, Borrow Better and Repay Wiser is part of the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center. The VIN Foundation Student Debt Center is a mobile-friendly comprehensive resource helping veterinary students, veterinarians, and those who support them manage student debt through school and beyond. Explore the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center.



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