Disaster Relief

We’re here to help in times of need

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The VIN Foundation is committed to community-driven disaster relief support.


When disaster strikes we start by opening a direct channel of communication with leaders of nonprofits with boots on the ground in the disaster zone to identify where help is needed most. When disaster relief collaboration is created with a trusted nonprofit, 100% of your donation will go directly to disaster relief efforts, VIN Foundation pays the processing fees.


In order for a community-driven disaster relief fund to be set up the VIN Foundation ensures it fits within the organization’s mission and values.


Past collaborations include:

  • Hurricane Katrina, the VIN Foundation was the only nonprofit available who could accept credit card donations to help those in the aftermath.
  • Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation for relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
  • University of Florida, CVM and Irma Animal Relief Fund of the Keys for relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma


We also have a fund called Stone Soup to help veterinary colleagues when they find themselves in an emergency situation where the price might very well be their practice. This emergency fund is supported entirely by donations, Stone Soup is available to all vets who because of a natural disaster or other extreme circumstances have found themselves in dire need to keep the doors open.


– This initiative is helpful if you are a veterinarian.

– You can support this initiative by selecting Help for Veterinarians on the GIVE page.


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