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Model Employment Contract

We’re here to help you have a fair contract

VIN Foundation | Supporting veterinarians to cultivate a healthy animal community | Resources | Model Employment Contract | Customized Veterinarian Contract

You went to veterinary school to practice medicine, not to read, write, or decipher contracts. Yet, a balanced contract can be as critical to a healthy working relationship as a balanced diet is to a healthy patient.


VIN Foundation | Supporting veterinarians to cultivate a healthy animal community | Resources | Model Employment Contract | Fair Veterinary Contract

Negotiating with your new employer or employee should NOT be adversarial. Working through The Model Employment Contract together has proven positive for thousands of employers and employees, with the end-product an employment agreement all parties understand and feel good about.


Recognizing that (with a few exceptions) veterinarians are not lawyers and lawyers are not veterinarians, the VIN Foundation, working with both veterinarians and lawyers, drafted the Model Employment Contract – a comprehensive, comprehensible, and customizable contract designed to meet the needs of veterinary employee and employer.


The Model Employment Contract, provides explanations for each provision in the template so both parties can understand the impact of the contract and the reason for each provision.  The Model Employment Contract covers:

•    Terms of Employment and Compensation
•    Benefits
•    Intellectual Property and Confidentiality
•    Termination of Employment
•    And more…


The Model Employment Contract for veterinarians is part of the Thrive in Five Toolkit to help recent veterinary school graduates thrive in their first five years out of school. Learn more about the Thrive in Five Toolkit.


– This program is helpful if you are: a veterinary student, a new veterinary graduate, a veterinarian.

– You can support this initiative by selecting Help for Veterinarians on the GIVE page.


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