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VIN Foundation believes a healthy animal community depends on a healthy veterinary community.

The VIN Foundation offers programs and tools designed to cultivate a healthy veterinary community by providing veterinary colleagues support at the defining moments of their career; starting with pre-veterinary resources to help determine if veterinary medicine is the right fit, continuing with scholarships and wellness groups through veterinary school, guiding recent graduates with best practices for success as new doctors, helping associates with customizable contracts and student debt repayment advice, to encouraging independent practice owners, and beyond. This support helps veterinarians so they can help our animals and those who care for them. 

Veterinary medicine encompasses inspection of animal food and meat, academia and research, international health, and public awareness, as well as cutting-edge surgery, diagnostic testing, and medical treatments for every animal species. The strength and health of our pets, agriculture, research, families, and communities depend upon a healthy, vibrant, and strong veterinary profession.

We’re here to help!


The VIN Foundation is a team of humans passionate about supporting the veterinary community and the animals we love.

The VIN Foundation was founded by members of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) in 2005. VIN is an online community of veterinarians and veterinary students with over 100,000 members worldwide. The VIN community spans every facet of the veterinary profession from private practice and research to academia and public health. The VIN Foundation’s charitable efforts are centered around the belief that a healthy veterinary profession is essential for healthy animal and human communities.


Most foundations give money. We give programs and tools. The VIN Foundation programs support, educate, and mentor pre-veterinary students, veterinary students, and veterinarians through their careers, and are backed by hundreds of practicing veterinarians eager to help. All programs are available to veterinarians and veterinary students at no cost. We are regularly updating the programs with the most up to date information. If you want to stay updated please complete the Get Updates form. 


  1. Knowledge is power
  2. Honesty and transparency
  3. Question status quo
  4. Tenacity and integrity
  5. Trustworthy and compassionate
  6. Accept responsibility
  7. Act in the best interest of others


  1. VIN Foundation shall always act in the veterinary profession’s best interest to help veterinarians thrive so they can help our animals and those who care for them.
  2. VIN Foundation shall make choices based upon what is best long-term for VIN Foundation and its belief a healthy animal community is dependent on a healthy veterinary community.
  3. VIN Foundation shall encourage its donors and colleagues to ask questions, listen with the intent to understand, then provide considerate feedback.
  4. VIN Foundation shall support the future of the veterinary profession and provide resources to support veterinary professionals at each stage in their veterinary career.
  5. VIN Foundation shall treat donors and colleagues with respect and express appreciation for their contribution.
  6. VIN Foundation shall honor the privacy of all donors and colleagues and never share any personal information with others without the explicit permission of those who have entrusted VIN Foundation with their information.
  7. VIN Foundation shall never enter into a relationship or collaboration with another entity who is unwilling to sign and be bound by the VIN Foundation Core Values.
  8. VIN Foundation shall speak out against injustices to colleagues and the profession.
  9. VIN Foundation shall never enter into financial relationships or accept sponsorships that compromise the independence of VIN Foundation resources.
  10. VIN Foundation shall never betray the trust of veterinary colleagues and donors in any way.

Download a one-pager on the VIN Foundation mission, core values, and guiding principles.

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