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Repay Wiser

VIN Foundation | Supporting veterinarians to cultivate a healthy animal community | Webinar | Repay Wiser: choose the right student loan repayment strategy for your situation to save time and money


Choosing the right student loan repayment strategy for your situation can save you a ton of time, money, and stress — a concept VIN Foundation calls Repay Wiser.


1) Climbing Mt. Debt 2024 Last Chance Forgiveness Count Adjustment Recording

This latest Climbing Mt Debt: Repay Wiser session is different. Here's why: there's a number of beneficial programs coming to a close at the end of this month. This includes the one-time forgiveness count adjustment that may help decrease time in repayment. As well as the phase out of some forgiveness eligible repayment plans you may want to be using before they go away. Watch the webinar recording below to learn the latest information.

Video highlights include (IDR profiles 1 & 3 coming soon):

2) Climbing Mt. Debt 2024 Last Chance Forgiveness Count Adjustment Prezi

Review the Repay Wiser presentation materials including clickable links to the resources referenced in the presentation. Think of this as the “slide deck” you can click through and review at your own leisure as a quick summary of the webinar.

3) Forgiveness Count Adjustment Consolidation Deadline - *Recently Updated* now June 30, 2024

Learn about the deadline 4/30/2024 6/30/2024. 

3) Repay Wiser Checklist

All this information can be overwhelming. The Repay Wiser Checklist provides a clear outline of steps to help veterinarians with student debt save time, money, and stress as they Repay Wiser for their specific student loan situation.

Climbing Mt. Debt 2024 Last Chance One-Count Forgiveness Review Webinar Recording


Student loans are often a necessity to pay for your veterinary education, but understanding your debt and how to Repay Wiser will reduce your stress and let you get on with enjoying your career and life.
Using the Repay Wiser strategies veterinarians with student loans can answer the following questions:
  1. What’s the “best” way to repay your student loans?
  2. How much should you pay each month?
  3. How long will you be in repayment?
  4. What should you do if you think you’ll reach loan forgiveness?
  5. How can you reassess your situation annually?
You can see the impact of your student loans, interest, and various repayment scenarios using the VIN Foundation Student Loan Repayment Simulator.

Are you a class of 2024 veterinary school graduate?

Do you have student loans? Are you confused about how or when to get your repayment plan started? What’s the “best” strategy for paying your student loans now that you’ve graduated veterinary school? Should the continued pandemic forbearance benefits impact any of those plans? The VIN Foundation Class of 2024 Student Loan Playbook webinar is coming up, and will help answer your questions. 

Are you an intern or resident?

Conventional wisdom and reflex in the medical training community often says to defer your loans while pursuing internships and/or residencies. However, income-driven repayment (IDR) is often a much better option for veterinarians with federal student debt pursuing advanced education. The VIN Foundation Climbing Mt. Debt – Interns and Residents webinar and tools are here to help!
Repay Wiser is part of the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center three part series of helping veterinary colleagues throughout their student loan path. It starts with pre-veterinary students learning how to Apply Smarter to veterinary school, continues for veterinary school students as they learn how to Borrow Better while in school, with the final (and longest) journey along the path helping veterinarians Repay Wiser.
The helpful three-part student loan series Apply Smarter, Borrow Better and Repay Wiser is part of the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center. The VIN Foundation Student Debt Center is a mobile-friendly comprehensive resource helping veterinary students, veterinarians, and those who support them manage student debt through school and beyond. Explore the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center.
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