Vets4Vets® Appointments

We’re here to help you

Vets4Vets® is a confidential support group for veterinarians and veterinary students.


You are not alone. Use the online scheduler below to book a one-on-one confidential discussion with Vets4Vets® team lead, Dr. Bree Montana. During this time you and Dr. Montana will discuss options for how the Vets4Vets® team can help you.


The Vets4Vets® resource is available at no-cost and made possible through individual donations and grants given to the VIN Foundation, along with the Dr. Sophia Yin Memorial Fund. This support allows us to extend a helping hand to every veterinarian from anywhere in the world (no VIN membership is required). You may support this vital resource by making a gift on our GIVE page.

If you have any questions, you may always email Vets4Vets® or text/call (530) 601-2133.