Class of 2020 Student Loan Repayment Playbook

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Attention 2020 Veterinarians:
Graduate, Consolidate, Get Started in Income-Driven Repayment


Do you have student loans? Are you confused about how or when to get your repayment plan started? What’s the “best” strategy for paying your student loans now that you’ve graduated veterinary school? Does COVID-19 impact any of those plans? The VIN Foundation Class of 2020 Student Loan Playbook is here to help!


1) Class of 2020 Student Loan Playbook Webinar Recording


Watch the webinar recording below of the recent Class of 2020 Student Loan Playbook Webinar webinar from the VIN Foundation in collaboration with the Veterinary Information Network (VIN). In this video Tony Bartels, DVM, MBA explains why ending your grace period early and starting your repayment plan ASAP is more beneficial than waiting. We welcome any questions and feedback.



2) Class of 2020 Student Loan Playbook Prezi


Review the Class of 2020 Student Loan Playbook presentation materials including clickable links to the resources referenced in the presentation. Think of this as the “slide deck” you can click through and review at your own leisure as a quick summary of the webinar.



3) Class of 2020 Student Loan Playbook Checklist


All this information can be overwhelming. The Class of 2020 Student Loan Checklist provides a clear outline of steps to help recent veterinary graduate students with determining the best repayment plan for their specific student loan situation, along with tips for handling the recent CARES Act.

We’re here to help!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions: VIN Foundation is here to help with understanding your student loans and repayment options now or in the future!