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Dr. Rebecca Mears on her love for horses, and the vital role resources have played in her veterinary career

Listen in as Dr. Rebecca Mears from the VIN Foundation Student Debt Education Team shares her unorthodox path to veterinary medicine, the trends she is seeing in her work with veterinary students and student debt. Find out how a horse jockey and dinosaur fit into her story. As she says in the beginning, this episode is a fun ride!
Dr. Rebecca Mears
Rebecca Mears, DVM is from Lexington, KY, where she completed her BS at University of Kentucky. She is a graduate of University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Rebecca has worked as an equine general practitioner and is an active AAEP member. She has been involved in the Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) since vet school and now as a co-advisor for the National VBMA. In her work with VIN and the VIN Foundation she has a primary focus on student debt education and is a member of the VIN Student Team. She is passionate about giving back to the profession and improving the lives of veterinarians, pre-vet and vet students. In her time away from veterinary medicine, she can be found hiking, baking, and hosting impromptu dance parties. 
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