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Charlotte Waack on her love for the science, animals and a glimpse into the life of veterinary support staff

Join VIN Foundation Executive Director Jordan Benshea as she chats with VSPN Director Charlotte Waack about her journey to veterinary medicine, how a back injury set her on an unexpected course, and why the medicine continues to elicit excitement. Charlotte shares an inside look at the veterinary support field, the areas she sees as stressors with room for improvement, and how Support4Support is helping colleagues feel not alone.


Charlotte Waack, AA, AAS, BS, CVT, RVT

Charlotte started working in the field of veterinary medicine in 1990, as a veterinary assistant. She ended up loving the field and pursued the education to become a credentialed veterinary technician. Charlotte graduated from St. Petersburg Distance Learning Veterinary Technology program in 2004, and in 2006 started working for Veterinary Information Network (VIN), assisting with Continued Education (CE) courses for VSPN (Veterinary Support Personnel Network). Charlotte currently serves as the Director of VSPN and VSPN CE. In addition to driving all content to the VSPN website, she is also in charge of hiring instructors and coordinating the CE courses offered to technicians and support staff, is the co-founder and Team Lead of the VIN Foundation peer support group Support4Support, and is a vital member of the VIN Conference team, working at conferences in the US, Canada, and Europe, and has recently started to host interview type vlogs for VSPN, called #lovevspn.

Charlotte served on the National Veterinary Technician Association executive board from 2012-2014, Missouri Veterinary Technicians Association board from 2008-2012; Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association board from 2014-2017. She coordinated three CE conferences for Missouri Veterinary Technicians Association and has served on the CVT and CE committees for ISVMA since 2015 and co-chair of the ISVMA yearly convention since 2017-2019, as well as the technician program chair for Chicagoland Veterinary Conference.

Charlotte’s speaking engagements have included the Wild West Veterinary Conference, Association of Veterinary Technician Educators Symposium, presented webinars for VSPN, Illinois Veterinary Medical Association, and has given presentations to Illinois veterinary technology programs. She has also been published in NAVTA Journal, ISVMA Epitome and Veterinary Technicians Magazine.

As an educator, Charlotte has taught CE courses for VSPN CE, a veterinary assistant course at John Wood Community College in Quincy, IL, and was an adjunct instructor for San Juan College Veterinary Technology Distance Learning program. She also serves on the curriculum advisory committees for San Juan College Veterinary Technology Program and Pima Medical Institute (Las Vegas) Veterinary Technology Program.


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