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Dr. Tony Bartels on COVID-19 Student Loan Repayment Restart

Tune in as we chat with student debt expert Dr. Tony Bartels about the COVID-19 Student Loan Repayment Relief Ending and strategies for re-entering repayment


Since March 13, 2020, borrowers with federally held student loans have received student loan repayment relief. Interest rates have been set to zero percent, payments have been suspended, and for those using income-driven repayment or working towards Public Service Loan Forgiveness, the suspension time has counted towards qualifying forgiveness payments.


The current relief is now set to expire on January 31, 2020. Many receiving student loan repayment relief have been notified by the Department of Education and/or their loan servicers that repayment will be restarting in 2021. The entire student loan collection system was never intended to be turned off and on all at once, like a switch, so what can we expect this February 2021? Listen in to learn more.

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