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Climbing Mt. Debt for SAVMA 2021

For the SAVMA 2021 Symposium, the VIN Foundation created a three-part webinar series of its popular Climbing Mt. Debt presentation with Dr. Tony Bartels. We hope you find this information helpful and always, please reach out if you have any questions or feedback.

Most veterinarians (80-85%) borrow to cover their education and living expenses to get through veterinary school. While scholarships can help, the majority of veterinary students finance their education through federal student loans. Because each veterinarian’s path through veterinary school can vary, we see graduates with debt totals ranging from zero to more than $500,000.
With student debt-to-income ratios for veterinarians routinely exceeding 2:1, repaying student loans can be a significant and persistent source of financial and mental distress for veterinarians.
During the 3 part Climbing Mt. Debt sessions listed below, we will approach student loans clinically, like any complex medical case. We start with a good physical exam of your student loans, discuss strategies to minimize your remaining school costs, run diagnostics based on your career plans, compare short and long-term treatment options for your student loans, and evaluate the best repayment strategy for your circumstances. We will also explore veterinary incomes and financial wellness during and after school.

The objectives of the Climbing Mt. Debt session are:

  • Know your student debt
  • Know how the pandemic student loan relief affects your loans
  • Know your student loan repayment options
  • Match your repayment options to your finances
  • Know the challenges and side-effects of repayment
  • Thinking beyond student debt to personal financial wellness

VIN Foundation Climbing Mt. Debt Student Loans, Part 1 of 3

VIN Foundation Climbing Mt. Debt Borrow Better, Part 2 of 3

VIN Foundation Climbing Mt. Debt Repay Wiser, Part 3 of 3

Additional helpful resources:

  1. Climbing Mt. Debt Syllabus, a helpful PDF with a checklist and links to get started
  2. Climbing Mt. Debt presentation slides, this includes all three parts in one presentation
Have questions? We’re here to help! Leave a comment below or send us an email.

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