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Dr. Rachel Mar on prioritizing self-care and encouraging colleagues to live a life of vitality

Listen in as Executive Director Jordan Benshea chats with Dr. Rachel Mar about the importance of having compassion for yourself, her path to creating Vitality Vet, and how Batman (yes Batman!) plays a role in her life.


Dr. Rachel Mar

Dr. Rachel Mar completed her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a minor in photography at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She worked in high school ministry for one year then moved to Dublin, Ireland to obtain her degree in Veterinary Medicine from University College Dublin. Now she is an integrative veterinarian working in Santa Barbara, California. She is a Fear Free certified veterinarian and will complete her Certification in Veterinary Acupuncture (CVA) through Chi University at the end of Summer 2021. Dr. Mar is currently enrolled in the Certified Canine Rehabilitation Professional (CCRP) course through the University of Tennessee. She has a blog dedicated to improving the wellbeing of both pet parents and their pets, and also offers virtual veterinary teleadvice consults via her website Dr. Mar can also be found on Facebook and Instagram (@thevitalityvet).


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