Self-Advocacy in Veterinary Medicine

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Self-Advocacy in Veterinary Medicine

In this webinar Dr. Matt Holland (IL 2017), 2016-7 SAVMA National President, VIN Foundation board member, former sportscaster, and VIN’s Student and New Grad Relationship Builder moderates a panel discussion with three student guests of the Veterinary Pulse podcast: Jonathan Dumas, Junior Saint Preux, and Justice Birdsong for a conversation about self-advocacy.


In collaboration with the Ross University SAVMA chapter, these young future leaders discuss the relationship between diversity, equity, & inclusion and mental health. They hope their shared passion for social & civic engagement will inspire colleagues – young and not so young — and empower them to advocate for change for and within the profession.

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  • Charlotte Kuduk

    April 30, 2021 at 4:18 am Reply

    How do I get in contact with Jonathan Dumas, Junior Saint Preux, and Justice Birdsong? I am looking for any guidance, support, and resources on how to build an effective DEI program for a group of veterinary hospitals in the Bay Area. I would love the opportunity to connect with them and potentially have them speak to our teams about self-advocacy in veterinary medicine.

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