Dr. Casara Andre on the power of cooperation to create a supportive community

Listen in as VIN Foundation Executive Director Jordan benShea has a conversation with Dr. Casara Andre about her first-hand boots-on-the-ground experience as the volunteer branch director of the Front Range Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (FRvMRC) and how her heart cat brought her to the veterinary profession. Join us as we learn about her story from a forensics anthropologist passion to volunteer work and her successful experience as an entrepreneur. With helpful life lessons and fascinating stories, this episode offers a wonderful opportunity to explore a different veterinary career path full of passion.

*Episode note… this episode was originally recorded in February 2022 but due to some technical issues was published on April 20, 2022.”


Dr. Casara Andre
Casara Andre, DVM, is a Healer consistently motivated by her desire to help all mammals of all species (human and veterinary) repair and sustain their health and wellbeing. A veterinarian by education and training, Dr. Andre’s day-to-day mission is creating a safe-haven and incubator-for-ideas opportunities within medical communities.  By leveraging the power of cooperation, creating a supportive community, and encouraging creative solutions, she works to support entrepreneurship among Healers that have a vision for positive change in the world. Dr. Andre currently serves the geographic regions east of the Continental Divide as the volunteer branch director of the Front Range Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (FRvMRC).  The FRvMRC is a group of medical and non-medical volunteers working to support a disaster prepared and resilient veterinary community and provide animal-related expertise to non-veterinary disaster response organizations.


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