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Veterinary Pulse is the heartbeat of the veterinary profession. Join us as we talk with veterinary colleagues about critical topics and share stories. Stories that connect us… as humans, as animals, as a veterinary community.

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Dr. Lynn Hendrix shares her veterinary path, from an endearing childhood story with a horse, to practicing emergency medicine, and finding hope and passion for... Read more

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VIN Foundation | Supporting veterinarians to cultivate a healthy animal community | veterinary resources preveterinary resources veterinary student resources Nonprofit free veterinary resources | Blog | Veterinary Pulse Podcast | Veterinary Pulse Podcast with Dr. Lynn Hendrix on the importance of evidence based medicine for palliative care

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On August 24th, 2022, the White House announced the news of a special one-time cancellation of up to $20,000 of federally held student loan debt. The amount of debt cancellation will depend on your income and whether you received a Pell Grant in college.

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